(We are) Vessels of the Dark Sinister Fire

Anything we do for a higher cause, even the most insignificant act of defiance or self-sacrifice, is an act of Love. Rough hatred is powerful and makes the Adept strong for an ephemeral spark of time, but if he is lacking of awareness of his own role upon this earthly anvil, such Adept will never become a Master. Due the disastrous forces surrounding us –transcending the Lebenswelt– are constantly forcing us to strength our abilities and skills to survive, to overcome any obstacle in order to realize our ontogenetical experience for the triumph of our phylogenetic destiny written in the Web of Wyrd is a practical path to achieve enlightenment. Therefore, Dark sinister force is cosmic negativity became Creation – antiparticles, the counterpart of particles, with the same mass but with opposite physical charges. If a particle and an antiparticle are in the appropriate quantum states, then they can annihilate each other and produce other particles.

That’s why the intentional annihilation of the Self plays a fundamental role in our microcosmical drama: particle and antiparticle are “solve et coagula”, an alchemical formula which means that something must be broken down before it can be built up. Just as Tyler Durden says to us “Self-improvement is masturbation. Now self-destruction is the answer”, by the annihilation of the Self, destruction has a function of being a catalyzer for creation: an individual (Adept) shaping himself as a living God (Master) through the physical and spiritual pulverization of his temple of mud and blood. Esoterically, we should be like the burning blood that pumps through the arteries ready to be spilled in the name of an ancient Dark God without a face.

Dark sinister forces of Nature are a typhonic rage pushing the vessel to wreck it off against the sharp rocks of a primal ocean. Overcoming is moving forward, and moving forward is a practical manifestation of the power of the Will reigning supreme. When you do actions according to a methodology to achieve goals and realize objectives, namely becoming yourself a Master, you are acting on behalf something beyond your microcosmical emptiness – you are choosing to crush the psychological state which is currently leading you to weakness and vain glory for the sake of something superior than your former life, the one shaped from your comfort zone. This is how (our) Magick works to turn the Will into Reality. For we are nothing but tools, we are vessels of dark sinister fire.

TBO Patagonia