The woods are filled with life, like a huge organism built by millions of connections. It holds many levels, each also the place of living creatures, and it is filled of nerves, of vessels and bloodlines. We call them paths, and in these paths the animals and man move around. The woods are murky and the paths leads us right. To follow a path is to put trust in those before us.

At the small German town of Verden, at a spot where the Weser and Aller river come together, there is a path, or several paths, with endless rows of standing stones, hidden in the forest and shrouded by the leaves. Few people ever walk here. There are thousands of stones lined up, each like an individual, each taking their part as one among many, like frozen soldiers, now covered by moss, sleeping away the years.

The stones are tilting towards each other, some on their own, some look like they are protected by the larger stones. Some special and strange.
What if these stones could speak?

The Sachsenhain memorial was constructed in 1935 under the direct order of Heinrich Himmler. The memorial is made up of 4,500 standing stones. Each stone taken from a different Saxon village. Each stone representing something very tragic, yet heroic of the Germanic Pagan spirit.

Each stone represents the death of a Pagan Saxon, executed on the orders by Charlemagne during the campaign to eradicate Paganism in year 782.
What if these stones could speak?

They are silent, yet manifest of the men whose blood filled the fields. Once the two rivers turned red, by the paths made by blood through the grass and trees.

You are but a link in a chain. The stones are a chain. They are our collective memory and their voice is clear; Be true to your ancestors, follow their paths. It will lead into past, into yourself and into the future.

A group of children are playing among the endless rows of stones. They play hide and seek. Laughter is heard in the woods again. They are your future. Be true to them…

“Then, on a different plane, something else must happen: We must once again be rooted in our ancestors and posterity, in this eternal chain and eternal sequence. By rooting our people in a deep ideological awareness of ancestors and grandchildren, we must once more persuade them that they must have sons and daughters.”

Heinrich Himmler


To all, who fought under your sacred sign
To all, who have set out to again find the Nordic homeland of spirit and soul