Most sacred sites in Finland are ancient burial sites.

However there is some auricular tradition about central cult places such as Ritvala where traditional festivities called ”Helkajuhlat” are still held today. Labyrinths made of rocks called ”jatulintarha” can be found in southern costs of Finland. Sacrificial sites are usually cupstones that were connected to agricultural rites. One cupstone actually includes cups in formation of constellation of Big Dipper.

But knowledge of more sinister sites has also survived. A pine called ”Timin mänty” could be one of the oldest trees in Finland. A mountain called ”Eräpyhä” and a gorge called ”Hitonhauta” are connected to sacrificial rites of ancient huntsmen. These are magical places and spending a night alone there is an adventure.

You can feel the eternal connection of numinous and sinister, the creative and destructive forces of nature.