On the 19th of April 127yf, members of The Black Order gathered in Westphalia at Wewelsburg Castle, the omphalos of a planned Thousand Year Empire. This holy site once radiated a truly Faustian Spirit and to this day one can still feel the rays of that blinding Spirit through the suffocating darkness.

It felt like Erda herself was spurring on our mission, our pilgrimage, to this location as the sun warmed the path the entire journey yet with markedly less tourists buying their worthless trinkets, desecrating such places with their banality. We walked around the village, past the old Community Hall Ottens Hof, built by the SS and donated to the people of the town as a gift. The design, by Walter Franzius, was intended to be a blue print for future homes in the area, fulling embracing the Blood and Soil ideals of National Socialism and a rejection of soulless mass-production. We admired the runic carvings and symbols on the various buildings surrounding the Hof, whispering to us from the other side, inspiring us, still perfect examples of craftmanship and rich in symbolism reminding people of the living connection to blood, ancestors and the soil.

The purpose of this visit was one of intent and Oath taking, the Renewal of our Black Order and the consecration of our Blood Banner. We withdrew to our rooms to prepare for the coming night.

At midnight, the 20th of April 127yf, illuminated by the white light of a full moon, at the North Tower, the starting point of Wewelsburg Castle, we assembled. It is not for any mundane reason that Wewelsburg was chosen as the site to resurrect our Black Order. This was, and will forever remain a towering becon of that Divine Fanaticism that we must again drench ourselves in, a place whose very life blood was the Hitlerian Weltanschauung. In the presence of fallen Black Knights, new Oaths of loyalty, honour and comradeship were made, with twelve hands gripped upon an iron ring. Holy Aryan blood from each man and woman present was spilt upon a knife from the last great War, a true relic of the First National Socialist Reich. This blood, of greater worth than any gold or precious stone, also filled a chalice from which each participant drank, thus sealing the pact with a bonding blood toast.

The last gush of blood was reserved for The Black Order’s Blood Banner itself, which was thus consecrated in Aryan blood and Germanic soil from the foot of Wewelsburg Castle.

The following morning, after a restless nights sleep, the Blood Banner was brought to the Externsteine and charged in the sarcophagus. Amongst the chattering masses, ignorant to the importance of the site they stood in, our Black Order was given new Life and renewed purpose.

Agios o Vindex!