There is a narrow path going through the forest and many times roots from the trees surrounding it are crossing over this path, making it easy to stumble and fall, and it is like nature did not care the slightest about a man made path and wants to close it off. This is the law of Entropy. Soon it opens up to a greater grassland and in front, a giant circle of stone appears, about three to four meters high. Surrounding the great circle is several dead oak trees. They stand like guardians of the stone circle and has something foreboding about them. While passing one of them I let my hand slide on the surface. The naked wood is warm from the sun that touched it just a few moments ago. Now the sun hides behind a cloud. In front of me, there is a gate.

Öland is a large, long stretched island in the South East part of Sweden. It is a very flat land, mainly made of limestone. Around 1500 years ago there was several large fortresses built on the island. In this time, the land was Pagan. They seem to been used to defend against invaders coming across the Baltic Sea and are exceptional constructions. But this one is unique. The place is called Ismantorp and its one of the most hidden and mysterious of the ancient fortresses. There have not been many people in the area and there is few traces of agriculture since it lay close to what was once wetlands.

Looking at it from above, it is not a perfect circle and the walls have fallen since long time ago. The inside of the circle measures 124 x 127 meter and is filled up with what looks like structures of rectangular houses, but which also resembles much a labyrinth. What makes the fortress unique is the number of gates going in to the fortress, which is nine. This has no rational explanation. To build nine doors into a defence structure does not make sense.

Four of the gates, which equals the four quarters, are larger than the other ones and could be seen as perhaps the main gates. All of the gates differs in size and they all holds a riddle. What were their purpose, and why nine?

Nine is a sacred number in our Pagan tradition. It is the number of worlds to enter, it is the number of months to wait till giving birth and it is the number of nights Odin hang in the tree Yggdrasill. The number and the exact location of each gate also holds another meaning, which is about the actual location.

While standing in front of what seems the main gate in South, I choose not to enter, but to follow the large stone circle and later enter one of the smaller gates. I carry with me rods to measure the geomantic lines suspected to pass through this place and they do appear. Between each of the doors there is a Sacred line entering the circle, either connecting with the gate on opposite side, or simply attaching to what seems to be the centre of the structure in the middle. The sun is now out again and on this open area it becomes  very hot. There is no escape of the great Eye in the sky.

When located the centre, the pendulum is used to the exact location of the appearing Nexion. And there it is, interconnecting each line, concentrating the energy of Hela, of Erda… In the middle there is rounded stone, like a marker of the specific location. As a sign (of Loki) I found it to be covered in a spiders web.

I end this journey to the ancient fortress of Ismantorp, by closing my eyes and in silence meditating upon this place, there at the location of the connecting lines. The energy is strong and pulsating. My body and mind is vibrating, shivering. Inside me, I see an eagle, the sun, the dead trees reaching down to the realm of Hela. I see Odin, the God of the Dead. Nine Doors of Darkness… Nine Doors of Light.