There is a current, and not unsurprising trend among certain groups within the ‘occult’ to disassociate ‘Ultima Thule’ and National-Socialism – the latter, of course, being presented as a ‘perverse’ form of the former. Such groups are usually concerned with resurrecting ‘old folk beliefs’ and, while quite knowledgeable about certain traditions, they show little insight into either the ‘Occult’ world or the ‘real’ world – that is, into what has been and is going on in the esoteric and everyday levels.

National-Socialism was not a ‘perverted’ form of Thulianism, but rather a practical manifestation of certain energies within and external to the Northern European psyche -energies which had, in the past, assumed various external guises in the form of what is now know as ‘Northern Paganism’ and the various esoteric doctrines deriving from this. Thus it was complimentary to those traditions – it was neither a revival of them nor a distortion of certain esoteric aspects of them. The essence of National-Socialism was that it created it own traditions, it own ‘numen’ – from the struggle for power, for instance. The past glories of Germany, or Northern Europeans, added to this, provided further inspirations, as did some of the old forms, like paganism and folk-customs. Those who knew, knew National-Socialism as the embodiment of what Ultima Thule was and is, in all its forms (or on all the levels) -that is, it represented the essence.

What fundamentally mattered to National-Socialism was the reality – and dealing with it on the practical level. It was concerned with dealing with the problems faced by Europeans and solving them in a way compatible with the psyche or ‘soul’ of the European. This was, and is, the concern of those few Initiates of the tradition that some described by the title ‘Thulianism’. The concern of these Initiates is not the some ‘dreamy realm’ of the kind familiar from Eastern mysticism, nor from the supposed ‘esoteric’ traditions and customs of metaphysical speculation nor the pseudo-occult mystifications most Occultists are so fond of. They seek, via their understanding, to change their peoples and the structures, such as societies and Civilisations, which those people create or belong to. To this end, certain things are used, or are useful. They seek to use or create those forms which can be used to achieve the goals which are necessary. In a very important sense, National-Socialism was and is such a form – capable of transforming the peoples and their societies. The aim was not to resurrect the old ways of living or doing or believing (such as Northern Paganism or beliefs) it was to use that form to create new ways which represented the essence of the psyche – ways appropriate to achieving new goals.

It is unfortunate that few possess the over-view which is necessary – they cannot see the essence for the appearance, and believe the external forms (such as runes) is the essence when it is only a form expressing the essence, and one which may be used to create something beyond itself. A simple example would be the use of runes by the SS – the SS runes now mean National-Socialism, particularly the heroism of the warriors of the Waffen-SS. Their historical origins are not as important as what they now represent in the practical sense. The symbols of National-Socialism are the symbols of National-Socialism, whatever their historical origins. As such, they re-present the psychic energies of the Northern Europeans in a way which is more significant, both on the practical level and the magickal, then their historical origins. By being derived from European sources, such symbols hzve already to an extent ‘re-presented’ this psyche – which was helpful, although not necessary.

New symbols were created, and brought to life (i.e. imbued with psychic energies) by being used in the struggle. Thus, these symbols became ‘numinous’, as mentioned above.

Naturally, I do not expect many of those who belong to such things as the ”Rune Guild” or similar manifestations of what passed for or what others believed was, Northern Paganism, to understand this. Most will already be committed to believing such nonsense as National-Socialism was a “perversion” of Thulianism. The only powerful magick really suitable today for whose of Northern European descent (or even European descent) is that which uses the numinous symbols and forms of genuine manifestation of Ultima Thule – one of which is National-Socialism. Those who do not understand this do not understand Aeonic forces at all – of what is really going on, both within the psyche of individuals and external to it; of what energies are really causing changes and influencing the psyche and the structures of societies and Civilisation. The ‘magick’ which the symbols and forms of a resurrected Northern Paganism possess enable only a limited and not very important self-transformation; more usually a self-delusion.

To cause significant change is necessary. The magickal forms of National-Socialism do not appear to be magickal or Occult – and that is one of the keys to understanding their power to transform. What exists, and has been created appears to most to be ‘political’ or whatever -and this enables significant change, by others, in a way compatible with the modern world. For ‘those others’ for the most part are not and do not need to be ‘Occultists’. Take a certain date in April – on this day, various celebrations are held by small groups or individuals or individuals alone, wherever there are Europeans. The form of these celebrations is different from one group to another. But the intent is the same – and in a very real and important sense, this day has come to be imbued with certain magickal energies because of this. It is, for those who belong to the Western Civilisation, a day on which there are more real esoteric energies about than on most other days celebrated by non-Initiated Occult ‘public’ (such as “Beltaine”) — energies more representative of and important for Europeans than any conjured up by revived Norse or Celtic rites. One is concerned with, and deals with, the reality of esoteric forces as they are; the other is concerned with an deals with what others believe those forces to be.

Those who deny this, as those who are within N-S circle who deny the reality of Satanism, are in fact being manipulated by the very forces they seek to undermine.

by: Christos Beest, ONA
Appeared in “The Best of The Flaming Sword” published by Black Axis Productions 2000 a.y.p.s.