The Sinister Dialectic

The Sinister Path in its most developed form is concerned with ‘cosmic change’. Thus, it has an order to inflict and instigate real changes, which is necessary to make conscious moves, which aids the Sinister in a certain direction. The Sinister is a force latent within and the tradition of the Sinister evolves because of changing manifestation. All is part of evolution and Nature’s imperative. In order to partake in these changes, there is a need to find the tools necessary to influence cause and effect, known as causality. The techniques and strategies to cause changes are known within the Sinister Tradition as ‘the Sinister Dialectics’. The strategy and its tactics are esoteric and its foundation is in that which is known as ‘Aeonics’. The strategy of Aeonics provides means to study the processes and energies in the Causal and Acausal. It also provides an interpretation of greater events and what is about to happen, which is based on the cyclical law of Universe.

Aeonics and the Sinister Dialectic, are means to evolve and to improve and enhance our existence as individuals and as a collective. The individual or collective are able to create change on both the personal and external, societal level. Initially, the individual must go through a physical and psychological change in accordance with the Sinister. It could in its simple form represent opposition or defiance of the conventional, as being a lower form like heresy. This takes on the adversarial role, as a challenger. On an individual stage, this opposition means a discovery of the psyche. Applying this form to a society, means to disseminate heresy. On the basic level of the dialectic, focus is then set to heresy, to become the adversary, to stand in opposition and defiance. For the individual being, this means to further discover the Darkness present within your own psyche. Thus, it is a catharsis of the individual. Within a society this heresy is gained through the work of larger movements and the opposition through the Sinister idioms.

The Sinister Dialectic is a path towards inner development in both smaller and larger scales. It is also a means to promote the creative change that is vital for evolution. It is different techniques, which are used to achieve Aeonic goals and are used as a deliberate strategy of altering in order to create changes on cosmic scales. The purpose of the Sinister strategy is to use ‘magick’, alteration and provocation in order to transform, gain control and change individuals or events on a significant scale. The practice is to produce and provoke changes to occur within the objective and subjective Universe. This magic is foremost Aeonic and directed to changes on the scale of civilisations, but it is both present in the processes of both Microcosm and Macrocosm, such as the individual mind and being. The alteration of a society is, however, not the change away from a form, but change into, by realising the potential of its inner forms, ideals and determination. This is the development of a society into the stage of Imperium, which is according to the inner flame of its civilisation.

To presence the Dark Gods will ultimately fulfil the destiny of this present Aeon. It will aid to establish the next, which is the presence of Chaos. This will tear apart, bring torment, but also release and liberate. This will sculpture the inner, but hidden potential of the culture or civilisation within that particular Aeon. Through this process, the Dark Gods aid to invert the established and transform the lesser into the greater. This process is according to the Law of Nature, as it is the refining of the original and primal according to the principle of evolution. It is to act according to the Sinister Dialectic, to uphold racial inequality, to praise the concept of war and the ongoing survival of the fittest. These factors will lead to a constantly evolving humanity, recognised as a whole concept and being the creator of a superior definition. To uphold inequality is necessary to achieve the higher levels of the dialectics as it will create hierarchy, which is something far beyond monetary diversity. This means to improve through evolution of both individual and civilisation. Evolution is also something we are able to participate in, by going beyond our own limitations. It is based on the potentials of each being, and collectively, on each race and civilisation. Without the inner potential, it is impossible to evolve into higher being. It is necessary to understand that the striving towards (racial) equality will never produce beings that could advance and fulfil the specific destiny of their own culture. The idea of evolution is hence the idea of striving towards perfection through diversity and constant refining. Through the process of evolution we reach the intuitive stage where we become able to decide and thereby unfold our own destiny. Our past is then exhausted and we take a new place.

The Sinister Dialectic accesses the Acausal, by the dark pathways, or Nexions, and by this also increases the amount of the Acausal presence in the Causal. The Nexions are both psychic and physical, as being within our psyche and being physical places of greater energy, places where the Astral Light shines through. Such places have always been known and were often made into sanctuaries in the past. In a more skilled and developed form, the individual becomes a living Nexion. The Acausal energy is then able to flow through the being in ways appropriate to accelerating evolution. Vindex is such an example of being, that will later be further discussed, which is the pure manifestation of change and works as a physical accelerating force or axis. It is through the process of the Sinister Dialectic, that both the internal and the external world become evolved into its higher forms.

Originally printed in WYRDBÓK – The Grand Book of Wyrd, published by The Black Order, a work only accessible for initates/members of the Order.