The Heresy of Satanism and its Links with Northern Paganism

Satanism is a modern heresy because it is unashamedly elitist. It is an old heresy because it contradicts the anti-life moralising of the Nazarene faith.

Satanism is the name given to a certain way of living. This way is magickal in that the everyday world is seen as only part of what actually exists: it is believed that there is a hidden or ‘occult’ aspect and Satan, whether understood as a symbol or an actual entity is an important part of this.

Traditionally, Satan is regarded as evil, as Satanism is usually understood as the worship of evil. However, Satanists see things differently – they regard evil as a relative value, something that does not exist by itself. In simple terms, evil is what your opponents do.

Satanists see life struggle – something that most people today, pampered as they are by the comforts of civilisation, seem to have forgotten. Without struggle there is decadence, the pettiness of ordinary life where instincts has lost to pretension, intellectual cleverness, and where what is easy is preferred to that which is challenging. The rituals, ceremonies and forces of magick – correctly understood, vitalise, they return instinct, make us aware of the possibilities life offers. Magick givesa greater perspective – it enhances life, the fact that this is so seldom appreciated shows Just how stupid most ‘magickians’ are. In simple terms, magick destroys the drabness of everyday life.

Magick, for Satanists, is a weapon used in the struggle of life: it shows us that there is a path which leads to self-divinity. Self-divinity is basically being intoxicated by life itself – living on a higher level of intensity. We can be great if we follow greatness but most people are just plain lazy.

Satanism wastes no time on these, and. that is why it is elitist. It guides those who dare, but it is totally indifferent to the great majority who lack the spirit of defiance. Satanism is ruthless in practice because it subjects those who dare to tests and hardships and these either break the individuals or make them more determined. Those who are broken are forgotten. They are failures.

Yet Satanism (of the genuine sort anyway) encourages those values which, for instance the religion of the Nazarene has always despised because the philosophy of Yeshua is basically the philosophy of scum, the weak, the failures, and the detestable. These values are honour to one’s own kind (there is no meaning to honour beyond one’s own kind) nobility and excellence.

It has been said (by Nietzsche) “The more mediocre, the weaker, the more submissive and cowardly a man is, the more he will posit as evil: it is with him that the realm of evil is most comprehensive. The basest man will see the realm of evil – that is, of that which is forbidden and hostile to him – everywhere.” And again: “The most powerful man, in as much as he has carried his ideal against the ideal of other men and remakes then in his own image. Evil here means: hard, painful, enforced… terribleness is part of greatness – let us not deceive ourselves.”

Such sentiments capture the essence of Satanism – and represent as well those instincts that gave rise to Northern Paganism: a joy in the struggle (including war) and a joy in challenges.

One of the most pathetic things in occultism today are the pacifist cretins who have the baseness to talk of being ‘chaos warriors’ or of following the ‘warrior way’. Such people are laughable – they want a safe life, with just a little bit of magick (but not too much) to delude themselves that they are not as worthless as they are. They not only lack the self-discipline of the magickian, but are so puffed up by their inverted values (of which pacifism is but one) that they have forgotten what life is all about – real, bloody struggle. Such cretins can only exist within a soft society which usually financially supports them because they have no instinct for survival. A warrior is someone trained to kill – someone who can stand the stench of death, the sight of blood and gore. But more importantly, a warrior fights with nobility for a cause. And when not fighting, takes his fill of life. Chaos ‘warriors’ of course, fight (verbally) about big ideas and fight their way to the nearest beer trying to out-swagger each other by indulging in archaic behaviour. A few really gentle modern ‘warriors’ may speak softly as they dream of a pleasant life sometime in the future…

Not for them – or any occultists outside of the Satanic tradition – the self-overcoming of the genuine warrior: the physical challenges, the trials of will, the pains, joys and slow learning that real struggle brings. It is all cerebral among the occultists today: all ritualised into stupid magickal ‘workings’ instead of being part of every moment of life, as it was times past when Northern Paganism flourished.

Satanism returns both the everyday reality of struggle and that magickal aspect of life which most people have forgotten about. It returns, in short, empathy and instinct – providing a means of self-training to enable individuals to enjoy the struggle of life, rise above it, and achieve through it personal greatness.

Central to this is another modern heresy: as individuals we cannot escape our heritage. Our magick is most effective when we are individuals in harmony with our instincts: that is, in tune with the past that has made us possible. Our past means our ancestors – for, little though it be understood by the stupid multitudes, our spirit, destiny or Wyrd as individuals is linked to that of our ancestors. In ‘occult’ terminology of the fashionable kind, this means that our True Will is linked to the spirit of the race to which we belong, this spirit being, in many ways, most evident in the religious attitude of our ancestors.

This truth is so fundamental, it is not surprising that it is either ignored or derided today, so warped have most people become (partly because of centuries of Nazarene indoctrination) – so far removed from their instincts. Hence the stupidity of using the Qabbala and hence the gormless system of Crowley et al; systems totally at variance with our natural instincts. Thus the Satanist contempt for such systems and the bovine people who use them.

Thus also, the Satanist use of Northern Pagan traditions: traditions which enshrine the instincts of most Northern Europeans and thus enable true insight and achievement.

So then: rant away at us – throw at us dumb words and epithets; we Satanists do not care. Those who cannot ignore words are not the ones for us; those who cannot defy all labels are still trapped by Nazarene duality – little though they realise it.

By Algar Langton

Editorial note: This article is marked with “Algar Langton, The Black Order 1987 e.v.” and appeared in “The Flaming Sword”, No 1 (January 1994).