The official journal of The Black Order

The Flaming Sword

The Flaming Sword is the sword carried by the Dark God Surtr. It is the sword that will set the world ablaze at the end of Ragnarök.


The Flaming Sword is the official journal of The Black Order (of Pan Europa). It is published bi-annually through Waralda Press. The aim of The Flaming Sword is to explore the shadow soul of the European, that which has been reprepessed for a millenium by Judaeo-Christianity and its plutocratic and political offshoots; to champion the concept of Pan-Europa, and to herald a New Aeon towards our next stages of evolution: Homo Galactica.


While The Flaming Sword is edited and published by Waralda Press & The Black Order it is also an open forum to gather other perspectives that falls into the esoteric and political catagory, which will help to explore and unveil the European Shadowside. That is to say that contributions from external sources are encouraged and welcomed.


The name refers to the previous member-journal of the Black Order (The Flaming
Sword/Erda). This however, is a new journal, without any direct links to the past publication. It is also an open and public (yet esoteric) publication. 


The Flaming Sword Vol II Issue 2

The second issue of the revitalised “The Flaming Sword”, is finally available. Each issue of this journal is dedicated to an idea or aspect of importance in the Tradition. This new issue of The Flaming Sword is dedicated to “Nature”, presenting both new and old voices on this vast subject which is examined both on an internal level as well as external. An article by Ernst Haeckel that puts man in nature, not above it as taught by the judeo-christian doctrine and at odds with the most fundamental truth our ancestors knew and embraced, namely that all is connected and we are all reflections of the Cosmic Order.


This issue also introduces a new section dedicated to the idea of Kulturkampf, the ongoing cultural struggle with particular focus on art and music. In this issue the focus is on Black Metal which can be seen as the atavistic presencing of Dionysian ‘irrationality’, as the Western Ethos being reborn through destruction. In order to fight this evil of our modern world, we must become evil.


This issue will also closer examine the life and works of Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels and the present the second and final part of the analysis of the Thule Gesellschaft by Karl N Eng.


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The Flaming Sword Vol II Issue I

The Flaming Sword, the official journal of The Black Order has been reborn!  This new issue, published on the 20th of April 131yf, Waralda Press presents a new form containing quality articles and news on the work of TBO, it’s Nexions and associated groups and individuals. The first issue of this new volume is focused on the theme of “pilgrimage” and is presented here in over 100 pages with the following contents:

The Black Order of Pan Europa | A Numinous Manifestation | The Black Order France | Helruna Nexion | Louhi Nexion | Forward to Termination – Total Transformation | A short note on Pathworking | The Festival of the Avatar | Ordo Sanguine Sigillum | An Acephalic Palingenesis of the West | The Fundamentals of the Armanist Path | Black Pilgrimage – The Devil’s Boundary at Harz | Pilgrimage through Germania | Death – or Indeed, Revenge and Resurrection | Externsteine, Rocks of the Sun | Heretic Lands of Occitanie | Montsegur – An Encounter with the Numinous | Montsegur in the Pyrenees | Wandering the Mountain Fortress | A Journey Inwards and into the Outer Wilderness | The Black Pilgrimage | Third Reich Pilgrim – The Ruins of Power review | The Ultimate Destiny of man lies in the Stars | Man in the Cycle of Civilisations | The Eternal Reich | Sinister and Numinous Nature | The History of Rudolf von Sebottendorff and the Thule-Gesellschaft.


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“A Compendium”

The Flaming Sword Vol I

Up to now much sought after and difficult to track down, Waralda Press is pleased to present, for the first time, a facsimile collection of all six previous issues of The Flaming Sword, originally published between 1994 and 1996 in New Zealand.
This compendium, spreading over 300 pages collects every issue of The Flaming Sword plus other noteworthy TBO journals such as “Erda”, “The Black Sun” and “The Abyss” as well as a shorter mss originally published in the mid 1990’s entitled “An Introduction to The Black Order”.

It is worth quoting from the foreward of the compendium: 

“With the release of the “Best of The Flaming Sword” Wulf Grimwald (founder of TBO) also announced that the main MSS of the Order was de-classified and open to the public with the hopes:


“Perhaps also, there will be those who read these MSS and articles and decide to embark upon a course in some manner continuing the Great Work of The Black Order”.


This release of The Flaming Sword – Volume 1, is an answer to this call. The first Order planted a seed, which is now growing and becoming a tree. This issue will re-launch The Flaming Sword as the official organ of the new Black Order, and will also be a collection of the official releases and collected volume containing all the vital texts in facsimile. This volume will serve as both a historical record and as inspiration towards our future Great Work.”


Available for €15 plus postage (or current equivalent in other currencies) Order: Waralda Press