The Black Order Patagonia

Signiferi Nexion/Leg. XIII Nexion

La Orden Negra de Pan-Europa

As we Eurocolonials do not have a strictly direct connection with this land — in an indigenous way — “blood and soil” motto has a different meaning than usual: even being a land conquered by our ancestors, this soil actually does not have shrines consecrated to our gods of the blood. There are some shrines formerly consecrated to indigenous gods of South America, and then occupied by Judeo-Christian deities, but not even one of them is far from the Abrahamic world-view.

The process of European esoteric territorialization launched by this Nexion is focused in re-interpreting the austral land through an European mindset, and also a dark sinister European spirituality. We called this way meta-paganism: European folk spirituality upon American land. In this context is where The Black Order of Pan Europa becomes important: the urging need of presencing the Shadow side at a global scale, everywhere where there is European blood.

We talked about and decided to form the Nexion several months before the ritual was performed. Since we live far from each other in different towns across this long country (the world’s longest country, from north to south, indeed), we agreed to meet in a large city, and traveling to a chosen place — an area where the European conquistadores arrived once to stay here and colonize. That day we met at the entrance of the place (a sort of national park), and then we started to trek some miles through hills and forests and valleys. Fortunately, the chosen place is located on a riverbank, so the ritual of purification was done using the cold waters flowing from the Andes Mountains. Before the ritual, we were talking about our personal and tribal objectives and goals, and talking about the means of political/cultural activism, i.e., the exoterical, and so on.

The ritual was fulfilled by night, in the light of a bonfire, although magickal working was done in conspiracy with the moon of Walpurgisnacht. Oaths were sworn, and blood and ashes were mixed under the moonlight. Our faces were covered by hoods, so –at that moment– we were one, undifferentiated, a collective-tribal unity seeking to presence the dark side of our Consciousness, the moment when the world serpent is biting its own tail.

The ritual was sealed by fire after sinister, chthonic entities were invoked: the spirits of the army of the Dead, the Hoste Antica — Wild Hunt. Because of this, the name of our Nexion will be “Signiferi Nexion/Leg. XIII Nexion“: when Rome fell apart, only 12 legions survived, that is why we chose to be the Signiferi of the 13rd legion, the one of the Wild Hunt/Hoste Antica: one foot on Earth, one foot in Hel. Besides, we decided to include some Greco-Roman symbols, manifestations and myths, making the Order pan-European.

That night we slept amid the wilderness — no tents, to feel the cold air of the night and to experience being bathed by the light of the moon. The next morning, we walked back to the civilization. Our Nexion seal is the Ouroboros encircling a bind-rune of the runes *Geƀō and Isa (x3). In “Runes Around The North Sea And On The Continent Ad 150-700”, Looijenga speculates that the g-rune is directly derived from Latin X, so the roman number XIII (for the 13rd legion) could be interpreted as a sacrificial gift, a balance between the realm of the living and the dead, kept by the stasis/stillness of the combined power of three Isa runes (spirit, body and soul of the Signifier).


Article from the upcoming issue of The Flaming Sword Vol 2 / Issue 2 “Nature”