The Black Grail

The path of the Sinister, the Left Hand Path, is the high path of realisation. It is a difficult path that leads to peaks of the solitary. It is the quest to search for the Midnight Mountain, meaning the absolute within, where the Black Sun shines with invisible and indestructible light. This search is equivalent to the search for the Grail, which is the Western archetype of the search of the hidden, the secret one knows exists. The Grail mythos must be understood in a pre-Christian context. It is only in Christian times, the ancient Aryan search becomes transformed into the search for the holy chalice containing the blood of Christ. The cauldron of destiny is far more ancient than the myth of Christ. It is a symbol, present in our sub-consciousness, revealing our hidden archetypes. Later, Christ would be transformed to the sacrificial king, communicating his blood through the chalice.

The search for the Grail is founded on the process of ‘becoming’, the act of evolving and transcending into a different presence. When Odin gains wisdom of the runes, the signs of the ‘secrets’, he also dies and changes. The essence in the antique mysteries, are the idea to ‘die and become’. This is the central idea of Mithraism, with the double symbolism in the bull sacrifice of death and life, fertility and procreation. Mithras has often been identified with the Sun itself. But more correctly, he is the mediator between man and light, like a ray of the Sun. Thus, he is the passage and symbol of transformation into the light of knowledge. It may seem contradictory that the solar Mithraic celebrations were held in dark caves and grottoes. But the central themes, the sacrifice of the bull, once took place in a cave. Mithras was also born from the rock. His birth was on the darkest night of the year, the winter solstice. Mithraism was the presence of these two ultimate polarities, Light and Darkness, Winter and Summer. The myth of Mithras is also the description of how Cosmos operates through polarities, and it is the interaction of these polarities that causes evolution to occur. The rebirth of Baldr-Krist-Mithras occurs in the Winter phase (Wolf Age) when the cycle reached its end and the powers of the old Aeon dissolve.

Understanding the Solar Tradition, it is evident that there is a parallel, or polarity, which is present as the dark aspect of the Solar Tradition, which is the current of the Black Sun or Midnight Sun. Traditionally, the Solar and Lunar aspects of magick, as embodied in Hermetic Tradition, represents the Male and the Female, as being the two fundamental aspects present in the role of creation. As in the tradition of the Left Hand Path, they are both parallels of the path of the Dark Light. Male and Female also represents the rational as a polarity of the intuitive irrational (parallel of Causal and Acausal) The Quest for the Grail is also the quest to reintegrate the rational and logical self with the intuitive irrational, the integration of Masculine and Feminine, the creative integration of Fire and Ice.

The main difference between the Left Hand Path and the Right Hand Path, in relationship to the concept of the Grail-search, is the meaning and purpose of life. For the Right Hand Path, the search for the Grail will lead to dissolution of the being and absorption into a higher god or collective unity, such as ‘Heaven’. The individual will still remain a willing subject of worship of Yahweh, as in the Judeo-Christian perspective. It could also be the search to dissolve into nothingness by breaking the cycle known as Samsara, as in for example Buddhism. For the Left Hand Path, the search for the Grail will ultimately lead to the development of becoming like a deity or archetype. By doing this, it is evident that there is no process of worship of a deity into becoming uplifted or dissolved by it. Instead it is the process that demands the evolution of self into a stage which is beyond this world and risen above the astral planes.

To search for the Midnight Mountain, the Black Grail of the ‘Innermost’, is to search and attain a higher consciousness, which transcends beyond self-consciousness. This is the consciousness beyond thought.

Struggling towards the peaks, would free man and make him resistant of material strife and the simple aims of the present world. Among the peaks, he is no longer in need of ‘humanity’ as a reflection of his own presence. He becomes self-excellence.