Sinister and Numinous Nature

Everything begins in nature and returns to nature. The first card of the Sinister Tarot, Deofel, shows nature as it is: raw and intact. Think about a dark, snowy forest tens of miles from any human dwelling. When we experience nature like this we can connect ourselves to the vibration of live. This rises the experience of “accuser” or Satan within us, thus challenging the concept of the holy. Let’s think about this. What we usually think as holy is attached to other people: it has been created or told to us by others, or defines our relation with other people. Within nature nothing like this exists. There are no holy men writing holy books, no people building holy buildings. Neither there is anyone to appoint that some tree or rock is sacred, so don’t let the common paganism mislead you in this matter. There are many relevant thing in the myths of the ancient, since the cycle of times had not detached man from the intuitive experience of the acausal forces. But pagan beliefs, although based on nature, are still invented by men and are thus exposed to the superstitions during time. Wild nature, it’s darkness and ruthlessness, is truly satanic and challenges our fantasies about things that are raised above it. This is the true essence of Satanism, not any story about the biblical devil or theological pondering related to it.

What is the devil? Man has an inherent need to believe in some force bigger than himself, and some people only change the Christian God to the devil. By showing religious worship to this being they try to achieve things they are incapable of achieving otherwise. This is weakness and against nature. The Forces of Darkness are real, as real as the forest around us. But there is nothing religious about Them, since the word religion implies to something that is above nature. We should not worship Them since we are part of Them and They are part of us. Also the devil doesn’t mean to us nihilism or hedonistic promise to follow the desires of our ego. We try to overcome the chains of our ego since ego is not our true self: it is a construction of mind, created by influence of others. Think about how much others have affected you since you were born, how much they have changed you to suit their needs. You have become a good family member, a good citizen, a good employee, a good consumer. What would your true self be without the conditioning by others? There is no social programming in nature. Nature can’t lie to itself, only man can. Most people feel need to submit themselves and handout power to others since power also brings responsibility. They are always looking for “masters” and authorities to tell them how they should live and work. Left Hand Path means rejection of these kind of outer authorities.

As you step into the nature you realize that all the ethics loses its meaning. In nature only the fittest survives and the unfit dies. The weak die and are sustenance to others. Nature doesn’t feel mercy: it doesn’t help those that lack the prerequisites of life. Cold and hunger kill soon those who can’t shelter oneself or find food. Nature doesn’t analyze: it’s laws are same to all. But man, separating himself from nature, breaks its laws and thus distorts the mechanisms of the core of being itself. He makes his own rules and justifies them by imagining something that is above nature. Because of these heresies he has started to think that nature is his servant and thinks that he has the right to corrupt it without seeing that this will lead to his own destruction. But the darkness descents above mankind again and nature will take what is Hers.

Nature as a power like this is a horror to the common man who seeks a feeling of security from everything build by man. For those who walk the Sinister Path this darkness of nature is calling. It should however be understood that the rising of the “accuser” serves man only until the concept of sacred has broken and transformed into something else. After that a numinous can be found within nature, which means new experience of sacred: not invented by others but found by person himself. These are the original mysteries of nature, experienced by people themselves, not told or “revealed” by others. Experiencing the numinous means to transcend the boundaries of ego and connect with the core of being, without losing the experience of uniqueness of oneself. It’s a life changing experience and leads to knowledge – but not necessarily to understanding – of how one’s own fate is connected to the fate of Aeons and civilizations. Forces behind visible nature are always one and there are no separate forces of “good” and “evil”. It is only our experience that shows them first dark and then numinous. This is so because at the beginning of our path we are separated from the creative and destructive realities of powers of evolution and thus experience them as sinister and scary. Many people fail when, fearing darkness, try to find this numinous and mystic holiness of nature. This is not possible if man is conditioned to wrong concepts of sacred since he only tries to find affirmation for these preconceived ideas. Without knowing his shadow he fears it and without knowing the dark side of nature – the merciless cycle of creative and destructive forces – he tries to fight against them. Sinister Path is not for us a religion or philosophy or system of ethic dogmas. It is a way to understand and to become part of the laws of nature. For this reason we who follow this Path live in constant relation with Northern Nature, its cycles and the Forces behind it.

By Louhi Looshi
Translated from the Finnish book 21 Polkua pimeyden valtakuntaan (21 Paths to the Kingdom of Darkness) By the Louhi lodge, Louhi Looshi.