Oderint Dum Metuant

THE BLACK ORDER is not a business. We do not offer you “products” to consume. Our Tradition is one that needs to be Experienced and Lived. There is however a lot of interest in the workings of The Black Order and whilst our members operate in the shadows, we have decided that every once in awhile we will offer condensed versions of our internal MSS to the public under the banner of WARALDA PRESS.

Much of what we will offer on this website is free. You just need to download it and then spread it. Everything is ready to be printed. Those who are Active will take it upon themselves to spread our Tradition, those only interested in consuming will not.

Very seldom will we “sell” anything. When we do, the prices set are there to cover production and shipping. Nothing else. This is not a business.

Digital Propaganda
Waralda Press Titles

Waralda Press

From L - R: The Wyrdbok (not for sale), The Black Order Neophyte/ The Rite of Self Initiation & Axiom, the most fundamental ideas of The Black Order. The Black Order token (medallion) is not for sale.


This introduction package is offerered to those with greater interest to support the Order and are prospective members. The package includes a 28 pages booklet containing the most fundamental philosophies of The Black Order. The package includes an "Eye" patch and a set of propaganda flyers. This is the first step of our Dark Tradition. Contact us to apply for the package.

The Black Order Neophyte

The Rite of Self Initiation is used as a solitary ceremony to be initiated into The Black Order when it is not possible to partake in a Nexion/Lodge gathering. To take the Rite of Self Initiation, the Neophyte must have been granted permission by The Council (The Head of the Order) to do so.