Paganism & National-Socialism

A genuine pagan is someone who believes there is a creative force in Nature which produces, or is responsible for, and which changes, living beings, including ourselves. Furthermore, a pagan also believes that conventional religions, with their idea of an all-powerful deity or God, are unnatural since Nature and its creative force cannot be represented by a single, all-powerful, anthropomorphic deity. Expressed another way, a genuine pagan is someone who respects Nature, and her creations, and who accepts that what exists, in Nature, has some order or purpose.

However, the term ‘paganism’ has over recent years been used – incorrectly – by people who adhere to extreme ‘Left-wing’, or Marxist-type, causes, as well as by those mis-guided Aryans who have rejected those creations of our present civilization, science and reason. Accordingly, the term ‘pagan’ has now become associated with various ‘trendy’ causes and various weird, beliefs. These types of people are not genuine pagans.

Essentially, paganism means a certain attitude to life; that is, a particular way of living. It does not mean, and does not necessarily involve, worship of strange gods and goddesses or spirits; weird rituals, or spells and conjurations’. Genuine ancient paganism was an instinctive belief in particular folk or community, in the Destiny or importance of that folk, and what is necessary to ensure the well-being and survival of that folk. In all genuine paganism there is an understanding of or feeling for the particular land or place where the folk dwells – that is, a regard and even reverence for ‘ancestral land’. The ancestors of the folk are regarded as being present in or re-born into, this ancestral land. The well-being and survival of the folk depend on respecting these ancestors, respecting the land itself without which these ancestors would be ‘homeless’, and respecting the forces of Nature which produce the land, give it its fertility, and which are more powerful than any individual. Thus, a genuine pagan has a sense of the organic nature, or wholeness, of their community or folk, and of how this folk is balanced between their land and Nature herself. There is, in short, a genuine sense of belonging.

Thus, there is in genuine ancient paganism an explanation of the place of the individual in the general ‘scheme of things’, as well as an explanation of the origins and importance of a particular folk or community. Mostly, these explanations take the form of myths and legends. Paganism is thus a natural, instinctive, ‘view of the world’ or Weltanschauung. It is also more natural, more productive of individual well-being, and more correct, than conventional religions like Christianity.

Such religions are in many ways unnatural abstractions which destroy the natural balance a folk attains with its ancestors, its ancestral lands and its sense of Destiny. Such religions also elevate an abstract, unhealthy, world-negating, anti-Nature spirituality above physical well-being, as they replace the ideal of individual and folk excellence by obedience and faith to some Church or some God. Such religions also deny folk-destiny – affirming that all folk communities are equal in the sight of God/Allah/Buddha and so on.

National-Socialism is basically a modern, conscious (as distinct from instinctive) paganism. That is, it is a modern, conscious and rational understanding of our place, as individuals, in the natural and cosmic ‘scheme of things’. National-Socialism explains, and makes conscious for the first time in history, the importance of Nature, and of all of her creations, including, most importantly, race and individual character.

National-Socialism also reveals the ethos of the Aryan peoples of this world- of who we, as Aryans are; what we must do to live healthy lives; what our unique Destiny is, and how we can continue with and build upon the achievements of our ancestors. National-Socialism expresses how we are balanced between Nature and our folk – between Blood and Soil.

The essential importance of National-Socialism is that it makes us aware of such things as these in a practical way which enables us to live healthy, fulfilling lives and move-on to become higher, more civilized, beings, where it is to be understood that ‘civilization’ means and implies a community of warriors who uphold noble warrior values such as honour. National-Socialism is so revolutionary and so important because it is a practical means to construct a balanced pagan, warrior, society and so create a new race of higher beings – a new type of person – thereby continuing the creative work of Nature. National- Socialism is fundamentally anti-materialistic – it is in revolt against all forms of selfish decadence, for these upset the balance of Nature and ultimately undermine and destroy Nature and her creations, including race and excellence of individual character.

National-Socialism reveals to us, as individuals, our unique place in the cosmic scheme of things, and shows how we can use our lives as they are meant to be used – to create something beyond ourselves. This involves us in respecting the creations of Nature, and thus championing our own unique race, our own unique racial culture and our own unique racial Destiny.

Thus, National-Socialists champion natural, ordered, civilized values in a world increasingly full of unnatural, disorded, uncivilized values. National-Socialists champion Nature – and life itself – while the enemies of National-Socialism champion death and chaos.

by David Myatt