Galactic Imperium

What is the possible destiny of the West? The logical outcome of the Faustian will, the heroic and conquering spirit of the Aryan is the colonisation of space. “The outward manifestation of a particular Aeon is a higher civilisation”. A civilisation is founded on ‘Acausal energies.’ These may be likened to the archetypes of the collective unconscious postulated by the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. They are, as Jung pointed out, racially specific. Thus each race has its own psychology, which also manifests itself as a culture. Thus, what is manifested through the material culture, through the ethos of a people, originates in the racial collective spirit. It originates from what is race, and race is the manifestation and Will of Nature.

The archetypes of the collective unconscious may also be changed or distorted, thereby advancing or retarding the civilisation. Just as the adepts of the Thule Society (for example) used ‘Aeonic magick’ in the service of the West (and what they saw as possibly arising beyond it) by promoting a political form as a tool (i.e. National Socialism-Aryanism) and thereby influencing the consciousness of many people, so too can we undermine and distort the archetypes of a culture present of this day. An e.g. of this is the Christian distortion which imposed an alien creed (Levantine) on the West from its start. Consequently, the West has always been in a schizoid state.

The Faustian Western Civilisation is one of exploration and conquering new boundaries. Unique to history, the Faustian Civilisation has become universal culture, and by this has also lost its particularity, its connection between spirit and body, idea and race. It has lost its driving force and will to exceed. Instead it has become weak and surviving on integrating foreign races and by this losing more and more of its strength. We could wonder where we would be if we continued according to our Faustian ethos. We could wonder where we would have stood, if the Great Wolf had conquered the Magi.

The next logical next step for the Faustian Civilisation is Homo Galactica, man’s future form of evolution, which means space colonisation, and a consequent expansion of human consciousness which would be cosmic in scope. This would uphold the heroic spirit, which is embodied within Aryanism. It is the Will of the racially unconscious: Galactic Imperium.

Once the Galactic Empire becomes real, reaching and exploring other star-systems, building new colonies, then a natural divergence will take place, and new, unique, civilisations arise. Each world, each outpost, as it develops, will go through cycles of change; some will evolve; some will decay with new life emerging from such decay. Providing such stellar seeding, such conquest of other worlds, continues, so will this Aeon. But there will probably come a time when even this forward movement ceases, and decay and stagnation set in, with the structure of such an Empire collapsing. But the seeding is eternal movement, where the spirit of our true ethos (of Aryanism) becomes born again and again.

Should we grasp the opportunities to build upon the ruins of the post-Western world, the destiny of mankind will be to play amongst the stars. We would become a new mankind, Homo Galactica, seeded only by the essence of the race which combines Lightning and Sun, the Conqueror and Explorer. It is only by seeding a new Aeon, and upholding the ethos of racial purity, that this could become real.

Per Aspera Ad Astra!