From the Mists of Ginnungagap

by: Erik Lokisson

Black Metal was (and we should say that in some part – still is) nothing less than a fanatical, radikal and heretical European youth movement. It was not, (as is it has usually been misrepresented as), an attempt to REcreate the past but instead was a fiery RENEWAL of the old in a new, more radical form. It burst from the depths of the gaping void in 1992 a.y.p.s. and set a stagnant underground ablaze. The pages of fanzines turned hostile with an extreme and uncompromising attitude that was demanded where action was what separated the “true” from the “false”, where sentiments such as – to paraphrase Thomas Hobbs – “the ability to use violence is tantamount to the ability to act” were elevated to fundamental truths. This was no place for “wimps” and “posers” and people such as these either retreated into the shadows or left the scene entirely. Such was the effect of this fanatical Varulvorden! A modern Oskorei, a mystical brotherhood of werewolf warriors selected and initiated who went to war with black shields and war painted bodies (symbolising demonic, lycanthropic transformation). An ancient voice howling from the Blood.

Few are the chosen and many of the earliest adherents have fallen away or the flame burned itself out long ago. Too many wallow in the slime of the modern world pretending that it was all just “childish antics”. These people ridicule every aspect of genuine Black Metal fanaticism not always because they dislike or disapprove but because it reveals to them what they are. They have “sold out”, because this is what the slave-system does to threatening movements such as Black Metal, it incentives treachery and dilution to turn what is potentially dangerous into a Product (i.e. Americanisation) thus rendering it passive and safe. Once turned, this product is controllable and becomes a useful tool to further its dialectical aims; in this instance through the promotion of degeneracy and liberalism.


“NSBM” is the organic continuation and obvious conclusion of the same heretical spirit that swept the scene in 1992 a.y.p.s. Black Metal and so-called NSBM, are one in the same, not two distinct groups. Indeed, the idea of “NSBM” was born (Night & Fog compilation) as a fist against the degenerate state of the Black Metal underground circa 1999 a.y.p.s., not as a statement of separation but one intending to reignite the dark fires and make Black Metal untouchable for the slavesystem once again. They understood that National Socialism is – in essence – not a mundane political ideology but the practical application of paganism itself. Even if at times, and especially in the beginning, the symbols used were Satanic, Black Metal has always been – to those who understood – a radical heathen movement with all the symbols and ideas of paganism (and thus NS) manifested through it’s elitism, it’s animism and it’s Might is Right weltanschauung. This is simply fact.

Article appears in The Flaming Sword Vol 2 / Issue 2 “Nature”. Available from Waralda Press