The Fundamental purpose of The Black Order

A) To study the esoteric and occult currents underlying Western history and culture, and to uncover the forgotten aspects of European Pagan past and the manifestation of the European ‘Shadowside’.


(B) Prepare (seed) a political and cultural infrastructure to replace the collapsing Old Order at the dawn of the New Aeon.


(C) To presence the Dark energies of change, via forms of ceremonial and hermetic magick, through covert and creative actions, and through propaganda.


(D) To actively participate in the unfolding of the Western Soul; to disseminate via practical activity and involvement on both a personal and transpersonal level, contagion and disruption, utilising the Sinister Dialectic. Consequence and causal change, demands action.


By the hands of XII
Wewelsburg, 20th april 127 YF