Blood – The Shadow of the Soul

“Every defeat may be made the foundation of a future victory. Every lost war may be the cause of a later resurgence. Every visitation of distress can give a new impetus to human energy. And, out of every oppression, those forces can develop which bring about a new re-birth of the national soul – provided always that the racial blood is kept pure.”
– Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf

There is a need for a New Order as the old collapses; a New Order that must reawaken the shadow soul of man, that he might live as a totality with the Light and the Dark returned to balance and Nature’s imperative. There are few ideological expressions that capture this balance and that truly reflect the fundamental Laws of Nature. National Socialism or Aryanism (whether called by that name or not) is the political expression of primal truths. It is an ideological perspective of the eternal, everlasting and timeless. As a political ideology, it arose as a revolt against the rationalism of the previous centuries. The First World War struck at the depths of the psyche. It tore up the manifestations of sub-human ethos, which was only challenged by the formations of the Black Legions. Given these premises, Aryanism occurs as a process, similar to cause and effect, such as the Order within Chaos. It is the cultural rebirth of the Western ethos in a moment when Western culture has reached its period of senility. By implanting Aryanism within society, it would be possible to establish a new equilibrium, where Western culture again becomes organic and set according to Wyrd.

It might seem contradictory to emphasise the connection between the Collective and the Individual, as it is something unique to Aryanism through its racial socialism. The authoritarian and totalitarian regime of the state has been, in fact, founded upon the few individualists. They have proved themselves greater in terms of strength of character, than by measurements of wealth and relations. This is one reason why they also gained multiple enemies among the wealthy, Masonic, representatives. These few individuals challenged both the proletarians and the wealthy upper and middle classes. Collectivity and unity was again determined by the individualism of race, culture and civilisation.

Leadership in the state should be found in the outstanding individuals, chosen because of their unique qualities. This is not the case in the parliamentary and democratic state, where leadership is totally dependent on the financial powers, thus leading to a certain mediocrity, conformity, and fear to lose control in the next election. Any leader in such a state is the willing tool of the real masters, the economic wealth and power of the Magi.

Unlike some suggest, the Sinister wish for rebellion and individualism is not antithetical towards Aryanism. The ideology of Aryanism is inherently a Sinister expression, and will lead towards the evolutionary process of fulfilling our cosmic potential. When studied on a larger scale it is clear that the formation of the Axis was a rebellion of genuine civilisation against the slavery of Plutocracy, Jewry and the herd-mentality of Bolshevism. This fight was a genuine rebellion against the degenerated age, thus it is incomprehensible for anyone, who is not able to understand these events in a metaphysical way, to grasp the true meaning of Individuality. It is in fact naïve to attempt to apply the phrase of individual choice in these matters. These ‘choices’ are only delusions in order to prevent any real change from occurring. In order to reorientate Western Civilisation towards its own ethos, personal ‘choice’ should not be a priority, nor individual lives nor individual happiness of fellow citizens. It is impossible to create any form of creative nobility from a sub-human mass that lacks the potential.

The National Socialist state in Germany was one of the few epochal rebellions in history. This rebellion was against the factors of time, decline and the degenerate states. The true meaning of this epoch will probably not unfold until the future has revealed its cosmic importance. The Third Reich was the prelude to something greater to come. National Socialism was a seeding of a collective psyche, which demanded to be manifested in the continuation of Aryanism. The cure established by the blood sacrifice of Aryanism exists within the unconscious not only present in the European folk, but also of its enemies whose hatred and persecution only empower it further. It has given the seed of conflict that could give birth to a new Imperium.

The aim of Aryanism is to create an entirely new type of society, which will enable life in order that the people develop in a physical and spiritual direction, that they begin to change themselves into a being which is better and more evolved. This evolution will take place as each society realises its own potential and ultimate destiny. This also extends to our personal lives and our own abilities, as we have to evolve our concepts of life. In this sense, Aryanism expresses an understanding of what is necessary to maintain and extend our humanity, thus giving us an answer to the question of our existence and explaining the foundation of how we could create a higher and more evolved civilisation and humanity.

Aryanism expresses certain and fundamental spiritual truths that are based within Nature and according to Nature’s evolutionary imperative. It is a teaching that does not renounce the physical world. Instead it tries to change it to become more spiritual and to enhance this life. It expresses the real and unique spirituality of the Aryan. As such, Aryanism is above and beyond politics. The political path is just a form, perhaps a necessary one for the current age. In another time it would appear in another shape, but with the similar inner truth. In essence, Aryanism seeks to create a new race of beings, which is done on the individual basis. In order to achieve this task, individuals have to become balanced within themselves, which will lead to transformation. By strong courage and idealism, people develop a noble character. For this, their ideology requires a noble vision, an ideal, to strive for. To follow this ideal is to follow a noble motivation. It explains the need for the noble individual and race. Aryanism also presents the ideal to create this nobler society, as it is fundamental to create free, independent societies for each race and for each race to follow through towards their individual destiny. Our enemies are not other races, nor their pursuit of following their destinies, but those who strive to eradicate the differences through enforcing Globalisation and Universalism.

Aryanism accepts the fundamental principle of Nature, and that this creative force exists through the evolution of species. This is one of the most significant ways in which Nature works. It is a conscious expression of the grandeur of struggle, evolution and survival. The vision of Aryanism raises us up from the pettiness of egotism, from the dishonour of Materialism, as a revolution, a force of change. It enables us to fulfil our potential as human beings, and to evolve beyond our current stage. Aryanism is the expression of the evolutionary imperative. It seeks to improve, and evolve to higher forms and levels. It proves that the existence of the individual has a meaning. Within this meaning there is found the belief in the spiritual salvation and physical survival of the individual race. Each race must follow its own destiny, and they must realise their destiny according to their ethos. It is a practical way of life, by the acceptance of race, individual character and noble idealism. It is not the hatred of other races, but the acceptance of differences and the struggle for their own individual race, culture, civilisation and nation. Fundamentally, Aryanism is an acceptance and celebration of the difference and diversity that Nature has produced, and it wants to nurture that diversity and difference and so keep alive, and keep evolving, those things which make us unique and ‘human’. It seeks to preserve and extend that which is unique, each racial identity.

The principles and ideals of Aryanism are applicable to all races or ethnic groups. Thus the enemy of this creed is not found in other races, but in the systems, dogmas and ideologies that opposes the separate development of particular and unique races. This is without regard to the superiority of one race over another. Aryanism does not attempt to destroy other races because they are different to the Aryans. Instead it tries to restore the important value of racial uniqueness and racial development. This means the fundamental acceptance of difference, because this is Nature’s imperative, to be and become evolved into a new species and to move into new territories.

There could never be an acceptance with someone who has attempted to destroy race, and Blood must be able to defend itself. According to the evolutionary plan of Nature, species and races should remain pure and develop after its own unique qualities, because this is the result and will of Nature. It is thus a matter of survival according to natural evolution. Survival must be assured, not only by the life of the individual, but by the life of the racial organism. Challenges and dangers will either; develop and evolve the race, or they will come to destroy it. In order to survive as a race, each particle down to each individual, must maintain strength and endurance. A race must be able to face a harsh reality and withstand the tests given by these circumstances. A race must be able to defend itself in order to increase its possibilities of remaining a living and vital organism. A race which does not want to survive, or would prefer comfort and stability before facing its enemies, are doomed to perish through annihilation. This also applies to the Aryan, as when we are no longer Aryan at heart and willing to fight for our own survival, we deserve to be erased by a more enduring and violent race. This is the Law of Nature.

This is what we see happening today. Our weaknesses stem from the problem that we are no longer Aryans at heart. We must awaken the storm to arise within us, make a total revolt against this society (Revolt against Modernity) that weakens our race and against our enemies, the Magi. We must return to our eternal values and these values are found within Aryanism.

Today we lack the true leader that embodies the traits of a priest-king. But if the masses generate a powerful energy in accordance with its ethos, it could bring forth a fire which would be able to consume the world. This force could be manifested in a specific individual. Persons with this powerful attribute, as leaders of armies, minds and hearts, are extremely rare.

The unique role of Adolf Hitler was to guide his people towards freedom from the chains created by the Magi and to show them the way towards a new Golden Age. In the later stages of the war, his view of himself was no longer as a German alone, but as a Pan-European and Aryan. He was an instrument of fate, of providence, to show our destiny and the path to achieve the set tasks. Destiny means fundamentally to continue our evolution as a race – to evolve into higher and nobler beings, thus fulfilling the purpose of our lives here on Earth. Hitler has been called a ‘Shudibudishvabhaba’ a boundless, unprecedented willpower.

By creating the National-Socialist movement and by creating the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler gave us, as Aryans, the means to achieve a balance without which our further evolution is impossible. In brief, he restored to us our unique racial psyche. Furthermore, he revealed the destiny of our whole human species, and made that future a possibility. That is, he revealed the truths about race, racial ethos and culture, individual excellence, and triumphing over adversity through using our will to change ourselves for the better.

Aryanism reflects in a modern way the ethos of Paganism. It is a movement and view of the world that is fundamentally anti-materialistic and timeless. It challenges the unnatural and distorted values present in our times. It is a practical alchemy of human matter, of masses and will. National Socialism reached to the Shadow of the European soul that had been repressed over the course of a century of Materialism, Liberalism, Rationalism and Cosmopolitanism. It sought to bring balance back to a world that had been made lop-sided with the inversion of Nature, and of instinct. Here it restores that healthy vitality – that physical exuberance and acceptance of our physical nature – which Christianity suppressed and distorted, to the detriment of the Aryan psyche. Through the manifestation of Aryanism, the race and German culture was given a new path, something which they had hidden inside themselves all the time. They only needed someone to show them this path and to lead them through.

Occultism, as Carl G. Jung understood, strives to represent our suppressed ‘Dark’ side, our instinctive unconscious. Jung tried to understand National Socialism as a modern re-birth of this suppressed ‘Dark’ or instinctive side: a re-birth, in Jung’s words, of Wotanism or Odinism. The truth, however, is that National Socialism represents the wholeness itself – it does not represent just what has become described as the ‘Dark’, ‘Shadow’, instinctive, or unconscious aspect of our Aryan nature simply because this aspect does not, or rather should not, exist by itself. Real Aryanism is the path towards Wholeness. It is both the Light and the Dark, it reflects instinctive nature, both unconscious, and consciousness. It is rational and irrational similarly, both collective and individual. Any attempts to describe Aryanism as an opposite, as one sided, is simply wrong. As such it arose from the depth of the collective racial soul, as it is the answer to the search of that which is perfection.
‘We cannot possibly get beyond our present level of culture unless we receive a powerful impetus from our primitive roots. But we shall receive it only if we go back beyond our cultural level, thus giving the suppressed primitive man in ourselves a chance to develop. … We need some new foundations. We must dig down to the primitive in us, for only out of the conflict between civilised man and the Germanic barbarian will there come what we need: a new experience of god.’
– Carl G. Jung