A note on ‘Membership’ of The Black Order

As we conclude the first months of the renascent Black Order of Pan-Europa, we are pressed to make some indication of what is required of membership as a direct result of the types of enquiries which we have been fielding.

Firstly, TBO is not a commercial venture – that is to say, clearly, that we do not mass produce meaningless ‘products’ to sell to people.  It is indicative of the “type” that seems to bottom-feed within the misnomer of the “Occult movement” to think that something, anything, everything is for sale, and that this somehow means even a fragment of what is otherwise only to be wrought through the fires of experience, insight, practical action and sacrifice…

Membership of TBO means that there is the intention of actively participating in the unfolding of the destiny of the West, and to seed that which is beyond, even with the fatalistic understanding that such will not be seen within our causal lifetimes.  Presently, members of TBO consist of people from various backgrounds, including government departments, the military, cultural fields and beyond.   We are spread throughout the European continent, and within those areas which have been settled by Europeans, afar as Australasia.  We consist of people that have been active within various movements for many years, with an average age about that of 30, each with lengthy backgrounds in numerous disciplines and organisations.  We are unified by Blood, and common goals, with the outlook that from amongst the ruins of the West, Wyrd must truly unfold in the Form, Ideal and Essence of Man Amongst the Stars in Homo Galactica and the Galactic Empire, taking inspiration of he that has achieved Individuation, and forthwith Adeptship, and has lived through the Ordeal of involvement and insight, that he might paint with bloodstained hands that which lies beyond words…

What should be understood is that Membership of TBO, rare as it is, is not the goal of The Black Order and neither should it be the goal of the individual. The aim is to Seed the Tradition and Affect change, through Action. Membership, should it occur, is coincidental or even accidental. Each individual, within and without TBO, can take an active role in Seeding our Tradition, simply by deciding to take that Infernal Step toward the Abyss. If simply joining ‘a group’ is the objective, then the most rudimentary point has not been understood. Membership comes from someone who, through their personal Actions and initiative coming to our attention. That is someone who has understood that the most fundamental common conviction of the members of The Order is that nothing moves forward without active participation.

It should be discerned by these words themselves that membership of TBO is not for the many, and only a small fistful of applicants are successful in actually moving past the initial stages of involvement before realising that the requirements expected, and indeed demanded, are beyond what they are capable of – and yet this is only as a beginning.  Beyond this, there are amounts of study, roles, activities, ordeals, and much more.  This is not a placeholder for the weak, those that seek to belong, those that have nothing to offer other than passive participation, or whom require guidance to become something that they never would otherwise due to their lack of potential, nor is it a place for those that do not relish the opportunity of challenge, to overcome and Become.

By contacting TBO, a person must be able to show his or her intentions. A contact is only the beginning of a longer process. If a person illustrates true interest and intent, the Order will offer an introduction package (including the work ‘Axiom’) that could be the basis for further development – of both the individual and the Order.

The Black Order, Ærra Līþa 127 yf