The Founding Principles of The Black Order

  • We believe in Wyrd, as the force of destiny that is the representation of the creative and destructive forces which permeate the Cosmos.
  • Our ethos and creed are founded upon the Laws of Nature, as revealed by science, and by life itself where it has unfolded in all its manifestations in accordance with Wyrd, as the joy of evolution and entropy.
  • Feelings of affinity and oneness with Nature expressed within the ‘Numinous‘ and the Cosmic Order are beyond concepts of moral dualism.
  • Our morality is based on the view that those ideas and actions which evolve and strengthen the organism reflected in its representation of species, races, civilisations, and individuals are to be encouraged even though it may (one dimensionally) be seen as adversarial. That which does not kill, strengthens us.
  • We hold that Nature, but also every civilisation manifested throughout history, is cyclic and thus subject to discernible cycles of birth, growth and finally decay.
  • The Cosmos operates through polarities, and the interaction of these polarities instigates both Change and Evolution. These polarities are typified by opposites such as Fire and Ice, Feminine and Masculine and Light and Darkness. Without polarities there is no progression.
  • Man need not to be a passive spectator or victim of ‘Fate’, but through the comprehension of Wyrd, and through ‘Will’, man can be an active participant in the evolutionary process and enact real changes.
  • Those attuned to the force of Wyrd permeating Nature have its energy within them, and are thus linked to a continual evolution towards a Higher Man.
  • The destiny of Western civilisation is to play amongst the stars; the destiny of its evolution into the foreseeable future: Homo Galactica.

Per Aspera ad Astra – Europa Awake!
Wewelsburg, 20th April 127yf