Questions to The Black Order

Answers provided by Brôþer Dégol

What is the Black Order and what are your links to the Black Order of the early 1990s?
The Black Order is a Sinister Order founded upon the ashes of the previous order, which was established in the early 1990s, and lasted for a brief but very active period. It ceased to exist for more than 20 years ago. Some of our founding members were also members of the original Order and it should be regarded as a resurgence of the original Order, built upon the same foundation. The reason why the new Order arose from the ashes was because the idea and strategy behind the Black Order contained and still contains a great potential to be developed into something more advanced and more active, something that connects to the practical and seeds the dialectics of the Sinister.


Our aim is to gain influence and to make real changes within this world. We seed to harvest the destruction and the collapse of this age, which we view as degenerate. Our use of magick is not aimed at any personal gain, but towards returning our folk and its evolution into a race of complete conquerors and explorers of space. Our approach on magick is foremost to make Aeonic change and to invoke the Sinister gods of our racial subconscious. Our aim is to both to change and evolve ourselves and the world which we live in by baptising it in fire.


What are your aims and ultimate goals?
Our constitution explains our strategy and our goals. The aim of our esoteric work is to exert as a catalyst for the necessary collapse of the old Aeon and to seed and infuse the noble and spiritual into the new one. By using the method of Sinister Dialectics, we presence the Dark energies in order to make the crash appear within our lifetime. We still carry the godlike presence within and will seed to face the new Golden Dawn of a new superior mankind of Total Beings. By invoking the Dark Gods, we seed to cause Ragnarok through Aeonic Magick to come at this final phase of our Winter time. We hold the ultimate goal that this degenerate society and world order breaks and that from the ashes a pure essence of our race rise to bring us back towards our destiny and that destiny is for us to play among the stars; Homo Galactica.


Are you affiliated with any other organisations?
We keep affiliations secret, but we aim to build networks between organisations and groups that accepts the constitution of the Order, which also regards themselves as antinomian, Left Hand Path and/or clandestine. Any affiliated group should also be Aryanist in essence, meaning it should regard values such as honour, racial awareness and willingness to self- sacrifice. For affiliations to unfold it is necessary to have a mutual code of conduct and hold principles that are timeless and of essence to our Folk. These principles are embodied in the words: Duty, Honour and Loyalty.


Other organisations that feels attuned towards our goals and ways of working are welcome to seek and build networks and collaborations. We do also accept that our members take part and seed our strategies within other clandestine organisations and that members take part in any open form of war against the Globalists.


What sets The Black Order apart from other esoteric organisations?
Action is Spiritual and Spirituality is Action. They are inseparable. Unlike many so-called “esoteric” groups which operate in the shadows today, our Path is uncomfortable. It is filled with personal risk and must reflect our inner heroic spirit and attitude. These safe and comfortable “esoteric” currents will never demand anything from you except that you appear to walk through the Shadows. In reality you are not, as you will not risk anything. The Path of the member of The Black Order, on the other hand, will quite possibly demand your life. To quote Nietzsche: “You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame…”. We will demand that you are active, set goals upon yourself and accomplish your goals, reaching a higher balance. This is essential if you consider joining our ranks. Personal development and accomplishment will set you into a new category of Being. This is why The Black Order is less focused on levels or grades. You are reflected within your actions alone.


Are you a religious order?
The Black Order follows the Sinister Tradition which is not a religion by its regular, mundane meaning, nor is it a mere philosophy of how to live and comprehend life, its reasons and meaning. It is beyond both of these perspectives. It is a magickal order, which aim is to presence the Dark energies in order to instigate real change.


Why do you not actively recruit members and build an organistaion?
In the past TBO, like others, sought out members to build an organisation. Today however that is not the purpose of TBO. The problem with this in the past and still today is that organisations usually consist of a handful of Active and productive individuals serving an endless supply of inactive people. Most people, when joining an organisation and paying a membership fee, will expect things in return. They will expect, booklets, newsletters, ‘merchandise’ etc etc. Instead of serving a membership list and instead of all the mundane tasks that come with running “an organisation”, the TBO will always consist of a handful of proven individuals. So-called ‘Membership’ is almost always something entirely accidental.


You use the word Aryanism instead of National Socialism. What is Aryanism compared to National Socialism?
Aryanism expresses certain and fundamental spiritual truths that are based within Nature and according to Nature’s evolutionary imperative. It is a teaching that does not renounce the physical world. Instead it tries to change it to become more spiritual and to enhance this life. It expresses the real and unique spirituality of the Aryan. As such, Aryanism is above and beyond politics. The political path is just a form, perhaps a necessary one for the current age. In another time it would appear in another shape, but with the similar inner truth. In essence, Aryanism seeks to create a new race of beings, which is done on the individual basis. In order to achieve this task, individuals have to become balanced within themselves, which will lead to transformation. By strong courage and idealism, people develop a noble character. For this, their ideology requires a noble vision, an ideal, to strive for. To follow this ideal is to follow a noble motivation. It explains the need for the noble individual and race.


Aryanism is wholeness and the spiritual expression of National Socialism (Ethical National Socialism) as a mythos and ethos of the Aryan, the numinous creed of the ‘Noble’. It is both the Light and the Dark aspects of the race and folk, as it reflects instinctive nature, both the unconscious, and our consciousness. It is rational and irrational similarly, both collective and individual.


Is The Black Order Racist?
The Black Order does not represent ‘racism’ in the way of seeing predestined determination of the value of either individual people or races. Instead, the Order induces Racialism and Aryanism as being the way of enhancing particularity and individuality. Each race must follow and develop according to its own uniqueness and destiny. The true enemy of all races of this planet is the dissolution of race that occurs by mixing them. This is a crime against the Blood and a crime against the diversity that Nature has crafted.


We do believe in the connection between Blood and Soil and thus our Aryan homelands are vital. We are born from these lands and our forefathers shed their Blood to hand it to us. It belongs to our children and to give it away is to steal it from the dead and the non-living. These lands are connected with us and it has shaped who we are.


The times of state nations and petty Nationalism are over. Our belief is Pan-European as a connection of Aryan culture and civilisation with a common destiny.


How do you view homosexuality?
The Black Order is not concerned with what people do in their private sphere, such as their sexuality. However, also in the personal and private sphere, each individual should uphold their honour and dignity. Action, which brings dishonour and is negative towards our Folk is deemed decadent, such as homosexuality, which is a consequence of a decadent and Narcissistic society. Homosexuality is a strategy to destroy our Western Soul. It should be an aim and duty for each member to reproduce with a partner of the same European descent and continue their own holy Blood Line.


It should also be noted that the majority of the founders of The Black Order are fathers. Without family there is no future for our Folk, as no individual value is higher than that of our Blood.


The term Sinister Dialectics are often used. What does it mean?
The Sinister Path in its most developed form is concerned with ‘cosmic change’. Thus, it has an order to inflict and instigate real changes, which is necessary to make conscious moves, which aids the Sinister in a certain direction.


The techniques and strategies to cause changes according to the Antinomian and Sinister Path, to instigate and craft change according to the greater Wyrd through such works as Aeonics and according to the magickal transformation of Self through both the exoteric and esoteric, external and internal. This is the use of Acausal energies in order to change Causality.


Do you only accept people of white descent in your ranks?
Our aim is to unfold the Western Soul. The foundation of our civilisation is our race and its unique qualities and we believe these qualities are inherited within our Blood. This means you have to connect your biological and material race with your spiritual and soul race. This means you must be Aryan in essence, but this does not mean you have to regard yourself as a National Socialist in your political view. We suggest each individual to seek out that tradition which he or she is connected to, both in Blood, Soul and Spirit. This means we can build axis between organisations which is not basically of European descent, but our blood is always of essence, for within it lays our path to return to the gods.


How do I become a member?
Membership of TBO is never the goal of the successful applicant. They work, as individuals or in co-operation with TBO, for the sake of The Tradition and The Tradition alone. Membership is something that occurs, organically, through invitation only, by someone that is already been initiated into the Order. An individual’s selfless and independent actions have brought them to the attention of The Council who have seen their potential to advance The Tradition. Often, but not always, this is through an individual’s involvement in a Nexion. The individual, the Neophyte, is then accepted as a member by the rite of Initiation. Also, a person that is considered to become an Initiate must be at least 18 years old.


Membership of The Black Order comes with expectations. The Black Order is not interested in simple numbers for numbers sake. There is no strength in a steady supply of imbeciles waiting to be held by the hand and spoon-fed. The person who becomes a member of The Black Order is a person who is willing to be an Active participant in the unfolding of Western Destiny. Each member is someone of proven quality, they are someone who has, in one way or another, shown that they can and will be Active. They must produce and develop this Tradition in a real way. Move it forward. Action speaks by itself. Members of The Black Order are expected to uphold the three basic tenants of Aryanism: Duty, Honour and Loyalty. These words hold true meaning. It is simply not enough to be “Aryan” in body, one must be Aryan in essence – Body, Mind and Action. This means upholding these standards even in the most difficult of situations for it is by your Actions that you are known.


All members are encouraged to work independently of The Black Order so as to develop themselves within their own abilities. Members are thus encouraged to, independently, develop propaganda and seed the Tradition by whatever means they deem valuable. Do not ask yourself what the Order can give you, but what you can give the Order; and you will be rewarded through your own inner growth in connection with the growth of our Order.