A Brief History of The Black Order

The Black Order was founded in January 1994 to re-presence the Shadow of the Collective Unconscious of the European folk; its “Great Work” to fulfil the destiny of the West – that of Imperium, expressing the ethos of the Faustian soul.

The Black Order emerged at a time when the ‘occult’ had been captured by New Age banality, when the so-called ‘sinister’ was represented by Americanised hedonistic ‘Satanism’ devoid of any challenge to the status quo, but rather reflective of it, in the West’s cycle of decadence; when the revival of a so-called ‘European paganism’ was in reality nothing but a contemporary contrivance called ‘wicca’ and other such puerility that had nothing of the tribal, warrior ethos of our ancestors, but was yet one more manifestation of the West’s spiritual malady.

The Black Order operated on both the exoteric and esoteric levels. Hence, The Order was also concerned with social and political issues. Its terms of reference politically included National Socialism as the expression of the Wotan archetype, as Jung had referred to it. But again, The Black Order arose at time when the self-proclaimed representatives of National Socialism, as heirs to the legacy of Thule, had degenerated into sloganeering about ‘white power’, and so far from working to restore the spiritual ethos of Western Culture, had rendered National Socialism and efforts to restore European identity into a soulless travesty.

Arising in such a vacuum of the soulless and the banal on both the esoteric and political levels, The Black Order’s message of a return to origins, to spirit and to ethos, achieved a response among those who were looking for something more. The Black Order represented a spiritual brotherhood and sisterhood above the ruins of a crumbling Civilisation in this dark age. The response was immediate. Lodges were formed in Australasia, the USA, Finland, France, Britain, Sweden, with representatives and individual members in other countries of pan-Europa as well.

The Black Order was de-activated in 1995, having sown the seeds of its doctrine, and having overseen many of its members branching out into numerous fields of endeavour on their own initiative in various areas of politics, the kulturkampf, publishing and the esoteric. The influence of The Black Order therefore endures. Its work has additionally not only been sustained but eventually surpassed by the American based White Order of Thule, of which The Black Order members in America formed the nucleus. Since the transmutation of The Black Order and its most active members, its legend has endured. Western destiny thinkers and activists continue to seek it out. The spirit lives on in a myriad of ways, as we have indicated. Recently the founder and Grand Master of The Order has declassified the main MSS, namely “The Book of Wyrd”, and “An Introduction for Prospective Members”.

As for The Flaming Sword, this members’ only journal first appeared in January 1994 and ran for six issues, until May 1995. With the sanction of the Grand Master and editor of the journal, Steven, editor of Black Axis, has selected the most relevant of the articles from The Flaming Sword for the volume you now hold. Again, this is yet another means by which the legacy of The Order endures and spreads. Perhaps also, there will be those who read these MSS and articles and decide to embark upon a course in some manner continuing the Great Work of The Black Order.

This volume is commended as having distilled the essence of the spirit of The Order, and its mere publication at this time may yet serve as a further catalyst in the great cosmic battle that swirls around us, seeding new fields of endeavour.

Advance to Imperium.

Wulf Grimwald


The Black Order of Pan Europa, 10 June 2000

Editorial comment: This introduction was written by the founder of The Black Order for the booklet “The Best of The Flaming Sword”, which was an extract of the members only journal. It is also the declaration of making certain MSS of the Order, de-classified. Soon after this booklet was published, The White Order of Thule was dissolved.

The seed that had been placed in the ground, was not sown for nothing, and the current that was felt and gave inspiration, would only grow larger in strength. We can again see similar traits, where many of the radical underground movements has become static and impotent. The need of being both esoteric and exoteric, to include both the direct action and shaping of the warrior ethos along, with the spirit of our Folk, forged through walking through both Darkness and Fire, approaching the Abyss, had never been more necessary.

16 years after this booklet was originally released a group of men gathered at  North tower of Wewelsburg castle, a group of dedicated men swore an oath there under a starlit sky, bounded by blood to the banner of our Sacred Order. This was the re-awakening of The Black Order of Pan Europa…

This introduction and history of The Black Order, tells much of the concept of the Order, and how we differ from other esoteric groups, and this difference is foremost seen in the totality and uncompromising attitude, its hardness to ourselves and the willingness to sacrifice and live fully by our code: Duty, Honour, Loyalty!